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Why Operating Your Garage Door Without a Functional Spring is Impossible

Your garage door irrespective of its make and model is a bulky device and requires constant support to open and close. Garage door spring is the device that offers it this support. Garage door springs installation counterbalance the weight of the garage door and prevent it from falling apart thus ensuring smooth performance.

It is normal for garage door springs to wear down due to the weight of the garage door. Using malfunctioning or broken springs is a disaster waiting to happen. Worn garage door springs will not be able to hold the garage door in its position thus resulting in the garage door collapsing down and causing damage to life and property.

The only way to avoid the above situation is to install a replacement immediately. But you don’t have enough experience and are also not a subject-matter expert to tackle this risky job. You should, therefore, outsource garage door spring repair and replacement tasks to our experts at Garage Door Repair, St. Charles.

Garage door broken spring repair is our speciality, and we can help you whether you’re using garage door torsion springs or extension springs. Apart from helping you with broken torsion springs and broken extension springs our experts will also replace broken rollers, frames, safety cables and all other major and minor parts.

Our professionals will take necessary measures to ensure that you get best results without having to account for risk factors. We also equip all our team members   with proper and modern equipment to ensure accurate and perfect execution.

Apart from providing repair and maintenance services, we also deal in heavy duty springs for garage doors and will help you find an apt garage door tension springs, or other services for your garage door. All you need to do is give us a call, and our experts will report to your location and advise you on a proper equipment for your garage door after accounting for various factors that can impact the effectiveness and useful lifespan of the garage door springs.

We also provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs and assure you of helping you out in case you experience any issues with the performance of these devices. Upon getting a distress call from you, we’ll immediately dispatch a team to your location. These professionals will report to the work site within an hour and will help you get rid of all your repair and maintenance woes.

Now you have an answer to the question what to do if garage spring breaks. We’re always reachable in case you still have queries or are struggling with garage door torsion spring replacement cost or any other activity.

We Provide Quality Services

We only hire skillful technical experts who have years of experience in providing repair and maintenance solutions to homeowners. These professionals apart from helping you get an affordable resolution will also take all safety steps well in advance to make sure that you or your family members do not get stuck with a malfunctioning garage door.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers and honour this commitment without any exceptions. We also invest heavily towards procuring modern equipment for the members of our service team. Use of these devices is one of the many reasons why we have been successful in maintaining a swift turnaround rate.

Providing prompt services, however, does not mean that we compromise on quality. On the contrary, we conform to high quality standards and plan all our projects according to industry specifications.

Apart from helping you with torsion spring replacement for garage door, we also provide maintenance services and our experts will evaluate the effectiveness of different components, and will replace the ones that are beyond repairs.

How you Gain With us

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and assure you of providing garage door spring repair services as and when you require them. We also understand that serious problems like broken garage door springs, malfunctioning safety cables or an awry garage door opener can cause considerable damage and also risk your well-being.

To help you avoid these risk factors we make sure of providing a solution the same day in case you’re experiencing any of these or other emergency issues. Offering swift services in such cases also helps in avoiding any wastage of time, thus mitigating the damage in the process.

We also have a policy of coming up with regular discounts and offers on garage door springs replacement and repair and other products and services that we provide. You can, therefore, avail these benefits to realize savings on repair costs of garage door springs.

Moreover, the warranty on garage door springs that we provide will help you in saving big on frequent repair and maintenance expenses.

We’re Never far Away in St. Charles

You can reach to our experts through call during regular working hours or uneven/odd hours. We assure you of tackling all your problems and concerns in a sequential and professional manner. You can also get in touch with our customer care representatives in case you want to know the types and sizes of garage door springs or other equipment that we stock and sell.

Do not ignore your broken garage door springs. When experiencing this problem just give us a call and refrain from using the garage door till expert help arrives.